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(I often think about where I am from and what I am: alienated—I am grounded. I am grounded within my alien self— I have come to accept it.)

Sara Sarshar is an artist and researcher, born on the moon, engaging with the question of representation in relation to violence. Specifically focusing on the foreclosed nature of “speech acts” and acts of collective remembering post-trauma. Exploring the legal status of voice and memory within violence.The work of Sarshar, encapsulates a monument of absent speech— morphing into the the very speech act we long for.

Her practice focuses on creating a sensorial experience through multidisciplinary installations engaging in using space as the “speech act”. She often engages with a range of disciplines ranging from making sculptures, to making soundscapes, video, mechanics and poetry.



Slow breaths in and out

It is becoming

Becoming a mirror of our thoughts

The speech acts succeed through us.

These spaces become an act of resistance through their existence. 

The ambiguity of the work acts as a mirror for the viewer. The experience of my work is aimed to create an internal dialogue which states, wait, stop, there is something to be seen, it is personal, it is political, it is open: an invitation to hallucinate. The internal dialogue is left open for the viewer to determine.Through this engagement with an audience, my work serves as a form of activism. Activism is reached through the dialogue which occurs after the initial attempts of thought, through discussion, through emotion, through experience.


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